Our Products

Our Products

Our artificial limbs and appliances are customised to each individual’s needs and manufactured to international standards by a team of expert technicians who are supervised by professionals with British qualifications

Standard AK and BK limbs

We use modular components in the standard artificial limb builds. Most of these are either British or German components, a few being American made. All artificial limb sockets are either plastic moulded or composite laminates to fit each individual


High activity, Sports legs and swimming legs

If needed, we can provide artificial limbs for heavy duty use as well as for sports activities including swimming and diving.

A six month warranty is standard on all our products. We expect users to have their limbs serviced regularly to comply with the conditions of the guarantee as well as for safe use. Repairs if needed are free of charge during the first 6 months. Afterwards, there may be a fee for service and some selected components.


Our orthotic devices are also custom made, using plastic, laminate or leather for interfacing with the body and high quality joints where needed.

Diabetic Footwear

We also offer specialised footwear including diabetic footwear, custom made to fit foot deformities and to off load vulnerable areas.


Special Seating

We can provide specialised seating with postural support and standard as well as specialised wheelchairs to assist children and adults with neuro-musculo-skeletal abnormalities who cannot mobilise or sit independently.