Our Clinical and Workshop Facilities at Mankulam


Our Facility at Mankulam.

Our second facility is located at Mankulam, beside the A9 Jaffna trunk road.  It was purpose built using handsome grants, mainly from the Lebara Foundation and several others, mediated by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate Fathers in Jaffna.  Lebara Foundation also provides an annual grant to fund a major proportion of our output at Mankulam.

This clinic also provides a modern comprehensive prosthetic and orthotic service to civilian amputees in the Vanni region.   We assess approximately 500 amputee people annually and provide 200 modular artificial limbs through this centre.

Services are provided by a fully British qualified Prosthetist Orthotist and a trained prosthetic technician supported by two general technicians.  The team is supported by a General Manager and a receptionist.  An Oblate Father from Jaffna directs the activities at Mankulam including the vocational rehabilitation programme which is supported by two Counsellors.

Overall supervision and guidance is provided by a senior British Sri Lankan doctor, who retired from a post of  consultant in rehabilitation medicine in the UK to lead this service.  He is a first trustee of the Meththa Foundation-UK.  A retired senior British prosthetist supervises the training programme.


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