Our donors

  • Frontage of Mahawa facility
  1. Sivan Arul Illam funded our activities for more than a year at the inception
  2. The Lebara foundation provides an annual grant to operate the services at Mankulam.  Also provided a major portion of funds to build a modern clinical facility there.
  3. Rotary Jaipur international has provided several grants, the latest being GBP 6000 to install solar panels at Mahawa
  4. The Sri Lankan Medical Association of North America (SLMANA) provided a grant to fabricate foot moulds required for manufacturing our Meththa Jaipur feet.
  5. Lak Saviya Foundation in Australia provided funds to purchase raw materials needed for fabricating our Meththa-Jaipur feet in 2016 and pledged further support.
  6. An international donor, wishing to remain anonymous, provided a large grant for two scholarships for undergraduate level education of our Prosthetist Orthotists in the UK and to purchase a new motor coach which is used as our mobile workshop.
  7. The Sri Lankan Medical and Dental Association in the UK and the Sr Lankan Women’s Association in the UK
  8. British Medical Association
  9. Many individual donors from the UK, Australia and Sri Lanka.

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