How to donate

  • Frontage of Mahawa facility

We require on average GBP 6000 (Sri Lankan rupees 900,000) monthly to operate our services in Sri Lanka.  A grant from the Lebara Foundation part funds the output at Mankulam.  Charitable donations are required from well wishers to meet the shortfall, both at Mankulam and at Mahawa.

Donations can be made in several ways, both in Sri Lanka and the UK and donors are encouraged to credit funds directly to one of our bank accounts and provide the details to us for cross checking.

  1. A one off large donation
  2. Regular donations of smaller amounts by standing order
  3. For service users at Mahawa, the cost of an artificial limb or a part of it
  4. Well wishers can also select a person of their choice to receive an artificial limb or donate the cost of a limb without preference.  This is usually done to commemorate an important event in their calendar, e.g.. a death anniversary


Bank details:

For UK

HSBC, PO Box 68, 130 New Street, Birmingham B2 4JU

Account Number 92494949,  Sort Code 40-43-17


For Sri Lanka

Hatton National Bank, HNB Towers, Ibbanwala Junction (Hyde Park), Colombo.

Account number 003011252121


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