Limb costs

These costs represent the bare minimum we spend for fabricating our artificial limbs.  They include the cost of consumable materials we buy in Sri Lanka and the UK, freight costs and service charges.  The cost of modular components, which are donations from UK are not included in the limb costs.

Standard above knee artificial limb SLR 32,000.00
Standard below knee artificial limb SLR 28,000.00
Standard ankle disarticulation prosthesis SLR 28,000.00
Specialised above knee artificial limb for sports SLR 55,000.00
Specialised below knee artificial limb for sports SLR 45,000.00
Specialised ankle disarticulation artificial limb for sports SLR 45,000.00
Knee ankle foot orthoses SLR 15,000.00
Ankle foot orthoses SLR 10,000.00
Partial foot appliance SLR 8,000.00
Above elbow working arm SLR 25,000.00
Below elbow working arm SLR 18,000.00
Above elbow cosmetic arm SLR 10,000.00
Below elbow cosmetic arm SLR 7,500.00
Specialised Orthopaedic and Diabetic shoes SLR 7,500.00
A major repair to prosthesis SLR 8,000.00
A minor repair to prosthesis SLR 5,000.00

All our products carry a six months warranty for parts and labour.


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