Our Artificial limbs


Our artificial limbs are custom made to individual needs by a team of prosthetic technicians supervised by two fully qualified Prosthetist Orthotists and a senior medical consultant.

All our prosthetic sockets are made of either thermoplastic materials or composite laminates incorporating carbon fibre and glass fibre.

For our limb builds, we use either our own vulcanised rubber feet or feet made in Britain,  Germany and USA as is appropriate for each person.  Many people prefer the durability and cosmetic appearance of our vulcanised rubber Meththa Jaipur feet.

We are able provide  a very cost effective service because the rest of the modular components are donations from many prosthetic centres in the UK.  These components are very costly in the open market but are free of charge for our service users.  We select the very best components from the donated stock for our limb builds.

All the modular components except the feet and knee joints do not suffer a significant wear and tear during prolonged use.  Therefore, they can be re-used many times for the same person which also helps to maintain the low costs.  We are able to repair and service the knee joints or replace them as needed on a “while you wait” basis so that the amputee persons’s mobility will not be significantly affected.

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